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Bubbles Nail Spa | Manicure & Pedicure Menu
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Manicure & Pedicure Menu

Manicures & Pedicures
    • Mini Mani
      6KD - 30 Minutes
    • Petite Pedi
      9KD - 30 Minutes
    • An OPI quickie for the glamour girl on the run, this mani pedi includes nail cleaning, polish, and massage.

    • Bubbles Mani
      8KD - 45 Minutes
    • Bubbles Pedi
      12KD - 60 Minutes
    • With a refreshing cucumber aroma, our classic OPI mani pedi cleanses, purifies, and softens. Including a soak, scrub, and massage, this therapy provides the hydration to leave you silky smooth.

    • Tooti-Fruity Manicure
      9KD - 60 Minutes
    • Tooti-Fruity Pedicure
      13KD - 60 Minutes
    • It is always sunny with this fruity Qtica soak, scrub, mask, and massage. Packed with anti-oxidants, vitamins and hydration, it leaves skin quenched and fresh.

    • Collagen Reviver Mani
      11KD - 60 Minutes
    • Collagen Reviver Pedi
      13KD - 60 Minutes
    • This mega moisture service includes a soak, Provoc Mani Pedi Kit Treatment, followed by paraffin and massage. Vanilla, rose, and jasmine essential oils rehydrate, while collagen helps to plump and regenerate skin for lasting results.

    • OPI Indulgence Manicure
      12KD - 60 Minutes
    • OPI Indulgence Pedicure
      14KD - 60 Minutes
    • This ultimate spa indulgence uses OPI products to pamper hands and feet. Using the richest and finest facial quality ingredients to promote youthful and soft skin, this luxurious mani pedi will leave you radiant. Includes soak, scrub, mask, and massage.

    • Amazing Hot Stone Manicure
      12KD - 60 Minutes
    • Amazing Hot Stone Pedicure
      15KD - 75 Minutes
    • A Bubbles favorite that warms the heart, hands, and feet, this OPI mani and pedi includes a decedent hot stone massage that will melt you away.

    • Diamond Green Tea Manicure
      13KD - 60 Minutes
    • Diamond Green Tea Pedicure
      15KD - 75 Minutes
    • Using purifying organics, this luxury mani and pedi balances and reverses sun damage. The Konjac Mannan Diamond Crystals cellulose soak, made of a gel like Asian plant root, swells to excrete toxins as we add 4 types of salts, each with its own mineral properties. Next a sugar scrub is followed by a peel off purifying Bentonite Clay Mask. Healing and toxin absorbing, it prepares for the glycerin massage. An avocado, Arjan, and jojoba oil mix finalizes this healing service

    • The Healer Manicure
      13KD - 60 Minutes
    • The Healer Pedicure
      15KD - 75 Minutes
    • A must for dry hands, this is a hypo allergic treatment from Qtica’s ultra moisturizing Power Block line. Honey and beeswax seal over cracks in the skin while a multivitamin complex aids the skins natural healing process. It includes a soak, peel, moisture balm, paraffin dip, and massage.

    • GLOW Manicure
      13KD - 60 Minutes
    • GLOW Pedicure
      15KD - 75 Minutes
    • Uber luxurious, this irresistible almond oil and jojoba service by Creative Nail Design includes a creamy soak, refining sugar scrub, illuminescent mask, and rich nourishing massage. This lavishly nourishing treatment will leave skin smooth and sated.

    • Honey Heaven Manicure
      13KD - 60 Minutes
    • Honey Heaven Pedicure
      15KD - 75 Minutes
    • This ritual commences with an elixir spray, progresses to a milky soak, then to a moisturizing sugar scrub, followed by a mask hooded by heated mittens, and finally a luxurious butter massage. Moisturizing and soothing, this Cuccio Naturale service is the pinnacle of nail spa

    • The Princess
    • Bubbles Princesses under 12 years old get pampered on their very own pink fluffy throne. The service includes trim and filing of nails on hands and feet, polish with an optional flower, glitter in their hair, a temporary tattoo, and a gift of a tiara to take home