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Bubbles Nail Spa | THE BROW BAR
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Bubbles Brow Bar is devoted to beautiful brows and lashes.  Offering eyebrow contouring and coloring, as well as temporary and semi-permanent lashes, The Brow Bar will transform your face.  If eyes are the window to the soul, let your brows be the window frames.

Brow Care Tips

  1. Visit a professional. Achieving a perfect brow shape at home is difficult. it’s best get a professional to work on your brows for you. When you are seated with your head bent backwards, the beautician can work on your eyebrows, keeping your face shape in mind.
  2. Opt for Threading or waxing depending on hair and skin type. The Brow technician will analyze your brows and skin texture to determine what type of shaping would work best for you.
  3. Invest in a Good Pair of Tweezers. For the upkeep of your eyebrows at home, buy a pair of tweezers. Tweeze sparingly and carefully between Brow Bar appointments.
  4. Don’t Make Them Too Thin or Too Bold. You must always keep your face shape in mind when getting your eyebrows groomed. Going too thin or too bold with your brows may make your face look large or small. Innocuous as they look, the shape of your eyebrows can make your face look thinner or larger.
  5. Brush Your Brows into Place. Use an eyebrow brush or old mascara wand to brush eyebrows into place. Set with brow gel or a spritz of carefully applied hair spray.
  6. Fill Them In. Shade brows in and shape them with matching eyeshadow, eyebrow pencil, or eyebrow dip, carefully following the natural shape of the brow, defining rather that changing them. To enhance your eyes, apply a little highlighter under and above the brow arch.
  7. Condition the Brows. Using castor, almond, or avocado oil, condition brows to keep them soft. Alternatively, use a minute dab of hair conditioner to shine and tame those brows.